Say hello to our Pastor, Rev. Justin Todd and his wife Jordon. Welcome to both of you, we're glad to have you in the LCG Family! For more on Pastor Justin, click the photo

Worship Services weekly at 10:00 am year round (Current and previous services are available on services typically by Monday evening, with the most recent available below)

Sunday Bible School – 9:00 am.  The Adult class is using a James Moore book entitled “Jesus’ Parables of Grace”

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This Sunday, Oct. 1st:  “God in Us: The Church”, John 17:6-26

Our next Wednesday Night Dinner will be on Oct 11th at 6 pm!  Menu is TBA, please bring desserts to share!  Yes, I’m hungry already!  This is always a great time to sit, relax and get to know your church family even more!  If you can assist with this please get in touch with Joey Knight

We now have two Bible Study classes during the week. The 10 am Thursday morning class features the Bible Study series from James Moore, “Some Folks Feel the Rain, Others Just Get Wet!”. The second study is hosted by our Pastor, Justin Todd.  Brother Justin uses his own study sources as content. This study is on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 or 6:45 depending on supper that night. All Are Welcome and encouraged to come, to either one or both! Spiritual food for hungry souls!

Choir Practice – Wednesday’s at 5:00 pm.  Come help us make a “Joyful Noise”!  Christmas is coming soon, so we are beginning practice for the season’s music.  This is a great time to try out the choir, we would love to have you, even for just the season.  No “Try-Outs”!  Just a desire to sing from the heart.  Catch Don for details.

LCG Prayer Ministry – If you would like to be part of the LCG Prayer ministry, call the office to be put on the call list.  You will receive a phone call from the church via “Call Multiplier” when your prayers are needed.  We are a church full of prayerful Christians, serving a listening God! A list of those who would be blessed with a card or call is also available in the office.  See Barbara or Debi.  If you have a prayer request, also please call the office.  This can include as much or as little as you are comfortable with.  God Knows!

Reminder that we have Sunday School at 9 am Sundays.  Want to learn more about what pleases God, and how to grow closer to Him everyday?  This is a great place to come find out!

Please consider our “Good Neighbor Fund”.  This ministry is currently restocking the food pantry and the Blessing Box (See the Hollis family if you’d like to help here).  The Good Neighbor Ministry supports local and visiting people with food and a night’s lodging if needed.  See “Tithes and Offerings” below which provides for supporting it and several other possible categories, via PayPal.  Please note that the Church PayPal account is now under the name Loxley Church of Grace as the button below takes you to.  If you have auto payments, please update them to the new account when possible.  Thanks

Oct. is a busy month!  On Oct 27th, we will provide a meal for our own Robertsdale Bears Football Team…. Go Bears!

Oct 28th, We will host our 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff.  Please tell your friends to come, or even submit a pot for the competition.

Oct. 29th, we will have our 5th Sunday Music Service and Covered Dish.  Come enjoy both, and tell Don if you’d like to bless the Lord in song yourself, you can do it!

Remember to keep our Church in your prayers always, for success in all the ministries God has for us. Be also in prayer for our new Pastor, Justin Todd and his wife Jordon.  Thank you Lord for providing those willing to be your servant!

Irvin hard at work as always, this time on a project in the Loxley Community
Silver Seekers Bible Study
Life in our Family Activity Center ("The FAC")
"Coffee with the Pastor", Mondays at 9 am... We look forward to starting back soon

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